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Project Settings Dialog Box

Project Settings Dialog - Information Tab

Project Settings Dialog - Experiment Tab

Where is it accessed?

The project settings dialog box is accessed from the settings command in the projects menu.

What is it used for?

The project settings dialog box is used to view and setup project related information.  The level of information in the project settings determines which features will be active elsewhere in Ripple.


The information tab contains user access and creation data.  It provides a location where the user can enter additional comments about the project.

The experiment tab contains the information needed to register the images with one another and the motion control system.

Beam Center Topography - this is just the center of the CCD in pixels.

Beam Center Coarse - this is the position of the direct beam on the CCD in pixels.

Beam Center Motion Controller - this is the position of that will have the beam center hit the middle of the topography detector in microns.

Crystal to detector topography - distance in mm form the crystal to the topography detector.

Crystal to detector coarse - distance in mm from the crystal to the coarse detector.

The better all of these values are the more accurately the system will be able to position the topography detector with respect to the data from the coarse images.

The beam center can be selected from an Image Window.