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What is it for?

These files are store individual profile data for a reflection when the ? command is selected from the tools menu.  The * in the title is replaced by the h k l indices of the reflection.

Who generates it?




How is it formatted?

This is a comma separated file.  It contains two header lines followed by angle, intensity value pairs.  The following is an excerpt form a file labeled "RefPro_h3k-1l-38.txt".

Project: /usr/data/disk7/SSRL_March_2000/processing/actin5/beamish/actin5.prj
H(3) K(-1) L(-38) X(961) Y(1920)

The first header line indicates the name and location of the project that generated this profile.

The second header line indicate the h k l values as well as the x y detector position in pixels.