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Referencing BEAM-ish

The basic graphical user interface is described in a computer program abstract:

 "BEAM-ish: a graphical user interface for the physical characterization of   macromolecular crystals", Lovelace, J., Snell, E.H., Pokross, M., Arvai, A.S., Nielson, C., Nguyen, X., Bellamy, H.D. & Borgstahl, G.E.O. submitted to Journal of Applied Crystallography.

The algorithms incorporated into the deconvolution of Lorentz and beam parameters, an example of use, and first results is described in:

 "The high mosaicity illusion: revealing the true physical characteristics of macromolecular crystals", Bellamy, H.D., Snell, E.H., Lovelace, J., Pokross, M. & Borgstahl, G.E.O. submitted to Acta Cryst. D.