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Jeff Lovelace, Matt Pokross
The University of Toledo, Department of Chemistry, 2801 West Bancroft Street, Toledo, OH 43606


The PEAKSTATS program performs an analysis on the profile data generated by HALFSLICE.  First PEAKSTATS applies an averaging filter to the data to help remove noise.  Next it searches for the location of the peaks within the profiles and collects information as to the height, location, and various widths.  Next it applies corrections to the values measured for the widths.  Finally, it outputs the filtered profiles and reflection statistics to files.


Usage: peakstats InFile -p -z -avg -fwhm -r -h -wd ## -mph #.##


Beamish uses the extension .cntr to signify PEAKSTATS input control files.  Check the section about .cntr files for more detailed information.


Output Profiles to profile2.dat


Disable Dezinger Filter


Disable Moving Average Filter


Disable FWHM analysis


Disable reporting features


Do not include self in moving average

-wd ##

+- integer width of avg filter (## > 1)

-mph #.##

minimum peak height required to be valid data (#.## > 0.0)


Show the help screen

Project Files associated with PEAKSTATS

.pred file


.fwhm file

.dat2 file

Download Location

Currently it is included as part of BEAM-ish.