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MOSFLM is required to perform integration and the refinement of course image segments.  It is a third party product and available for free.  We selected MOSFLM because it was the easiest on to use for the information we were interested in.

Further information and the about the program and where to down load it is at:


MOSFLM is also  included as part of the CCP4 suite available at:


The MOSFLM suite of programs is designed to facilitate processing of rotation data collected on either image plate or film. The suite originates from the MOSCO system developed in Cambridge by Nyborg and Wonacott for use on a PDP 11/10 (Nyborg & Wonacott, 1977) but it has been extensively developed since that early version, primarily at Imperial College by A.J. Wonacott, P. Brick and A.G.W. Leslie, and more recently at LMB. In particular the much greater memory and cpu resources available in current machines have been exploited (the first version ran on a machine with 28 Kbytes of memory, the current version uses 5 Mbytes of memory just to store digitized images).

The basic procedure for data processing is independent of the type of detector (film or image plate) although there are a number of useful features which are only available for image plate data (particularly automatic updating of cell parameters and crystal orientation).