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Menu Structure

Commands Description

Creates a new project


Opens and existing project

Save Saves your current project
Quit Closes the program
Filters Allows user to filter out bad profiles
ShowFitManager Used to fit Gaussians to reflection profiles
ShowStats Opens a Table showing all of the reflection statistics 
Filter Toggles the Filter on/off
Project... A tabbed notebook object that allows the user to adjust project properties
BEAM-ish... The BEAM-ish settings dialog box tells BEAM-ish the name of the commands that are executed when various processing buttons are pressed.
RenumberImages This will make sure all of the images that exist and are valid files are ordered sequentially from 0 to the number of images.  This can order an arbitrary number of images greater than 1000.
SaveRaw DetectorImage Saves the tiff image of the detector in its true size with no overlay information.
SaveScreenDetectorImage Saves the tiff image of the detector as it appears on the screen with all the overlay information.
SaveZoomWindowImage Saves the current image in the Zoom window as a tiff.
SaveScreen Saves the entire screen as it appears.
SaveAnimation Saves a the sequence of images that make up an animation
SaveProfileAsText Saves the current profile as a text file.
MarkSymRelRefs Marks symmetry related reflections.
GenerateMaster Report Creates a report based on all instances.
Enable If checked this instance will dispatch messages to other instances
SelectServers Used to select which instances this instance will talk with
ForwardSelections Forwards user selections to other instances in the server list
ForwardOverlays Forwards image overlays to other instances
DistributeProcessing In the future will allow multiple instances to divide complex processing tasks across multiple servers
CollectiveStats Currently enables Symmetry Related Reflection Marking across multiple instances of BEAM-ish
Contents Displays the Home HTML help in the BEAM-ish help window

Alphabetically separates the help file 


Shows the splash screen as displayed on the about page