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BEAM-ish is a graphical user interface designed to facilitate the processing of CCD based superfine phi sliced reflection data to obtain the crystal mosaicity. It links together several independent programs, MOSFLM, HALFSLICE and PEAKSTATS.

MOSFLM is used to index and integrate a course set of data and outputs a 'mtz' file containing the Miller indices, h,k,l, detector coordinates x,y, intensity I and standard deviation of the intensity, s(I).  It provides the locations of the reflections that are used by HALFSLICE.

HALFSLICE integrates the intensity of a reflection for a single image.

PEAKSTATS takes the integrated reflections from each image, analyzes them as a profile and deconvolutes the Lorentz and instrument parameters from the recorded profile to produce the crystal mosaicity.

BEAM-ish then performs a statistical analysis, fits gaussians and can perform an anisotropic mosaicity fit to the data.  The name BEAM-ish is derived from many discussions and it's origins are too deep to describe here. For further information users are encouraged to supply the authors with a suitable beverage.