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Installation of BEAM-ish


Linux Redhat 8.0 with KDE installed (qt-library is required for beamish and is part of KDE)

or GLIB 3.2 and QT 3.0.5 installed in any installation

128 Mb memory


  1. Ungzip the beamish.tar.gz file with the command "ungzip  beamish.tar.gz".
  2. Untar the beamish.tar file with the command "tar -xvf beamish.tar".
    (A directory named BEAMish will be created by the tar command automatically)
  3. Edit the beamish.env file to match your system
  4. Add the .so libraries in the BEAMish/lib directory to either you LD_LIBRARY path environment variable or by creating symbolic links in the /usr/local/lib directory.  Only the libraries that the executable complains about missing should be added.  The qwt.so library will most likely need to be added.  The other libraries are probably already included in the installation.
  5. Add a line to source the beamish.env file in one off your start up files.
  6. Logout and login or source the beamish.env file.
  7. type beamish to start BEAM-ish.