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HALFSLICE E(x)permental


Jeffrey J. Lovelace

Andrew J. Arvai and Chris Nielsen
Area Detector System Corporation (ADSC), 12550 Stowe Drive Poway, California 92064 USA


The HALFSLICE program integrates the reflections on individual frames.  The integration process is fairly complex and designed to recover the smallest difference between the reflection and background.  It is named HALFSLICE because the integration routines are only a small portion of a much larger package under development at ADSC called SLICE.


halfslice [-debug] [-noskew] [-fw 1-999] [-wait ###] [-oscrange #.### -oscstart #.###] control_file


Displays extra debug information while program runs


Unknown option.  Not used by BEAM-ish

-fw 1-999

Full width value.  The total number of frames to search for a reflection over.  If the value is 31 then HALFSLICE would search for the profile plus and minus 15 frames from the center.  This value is set to the number of images in the sequence within BEAM-ish.


Integer time in seconds to wait for an image to arrive in the directory


Float value of oscillation range in degrees


Float value of oscillation start angle of image


Beamish uses the extension .inp to signify HALFSLICE control files.  Check the section about .inp files for more detailed information

Project Files associated with HALFSLICE

.inp file

.halfin file

.pred file


Download Location

Currently it is included as part of BEAM-ish.