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.fwhm File

What is it for?

This is used by BEAM-ish to provide all of the analyzed data for each reflection.

Who generates it?




How is it formatted?

It is a comma separated text file.  The first line consists of header information.  There are currently 21 columns for each reflection.  The first column behave differently, in the header data the first column indicates the number of reflections in the entire file.  In a row of reflection data the first column indicates the offset in bytes to the header label for a reflection in the .dat2 file.  An example header line is shown below follow by a couple reflections.

500,h,k,l,x,y,xmm,ymm,d_A,Max,fwhm_Deg,corfwhm_Deg,fwqm,corfwqm,high_loc,0.25l,0.50l,0.75l,1.00c,0.75r,0.50r,0.25r,avg 1,-8,-13,-34,2160,1935,176.223373,30.118559,1.921057,42.005001,0.035637,0.019982,0.133621,0.080197,446,74.395691,74.448395,74.455345,74.460999,74.474724,74.484032,74.529312,5.747962 15406,-9,-13,-28,2245,1802,183.200180,40.938717,1.928364,43.576668,0.077553,0.037674,0.151627,0.074970,393,73.876877,73.908386,73.918999,73.931000,73.946426,73.985939,74.028503,10.352003

This illustrates how the first column works.  In this file there are 500 reflections.  Reflection 0 starts at offset 1 in the .dat2 file and reflection 1 starts at offset 15406 in the .dat2 file.