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.fit File

What is it for?

This file contains the information about the parameters for Gaussians that have been fit to profiles.  Additionally, it contains some additional information about reflections that BEAM-ish generates and cannot be included in the fwhm file.  When used in conjunction with the .fwhm file all of the information available with in BEAM-ish is easily accessible via an external program.

Who generates it?




How is it formatted?

The .fit file is a comma separated file that can be imported into a wide variety of additional applications.  The first line contains header information.  Each line after the first line contains information pertaining to one reflection.  The number of columns per line is variable because it is possible to fit a variable number of Gaussians to a particular profile.  For that reason the header row will not line up perfectly with the Gaussian information are but it does describe the order in which the information is arranged.  The columns are as follows:

Ref Id, Fitted (1 indicates fit / 0 not fit), Ring, Sector, LowPInd, HighPInd, Residual, #Gauss, BG Type, #Areas, Gauss Data (columns equal to 3*#Gauss), BG Data (columns equal to BG Type), CorFWHM (columns equal to the #Gauss), Area Data (columns equal to the #Areas)