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Filtering Reflections

The user has the option to filter out reflections that are "not good" by using a combination of filter options.  Additionally, the user can specify individual reflections are either always kept or always filtered independent of the filter settings.

There can be a large number of unacceptable reflection profiles for a number of reasons.

The four filters that are available are Intensity, I/Sigma, FWHM, and correct FWHM.

To enable a filter put a check mark in the box.  Enter a Min and/or Max value for the filter.  All reflections within the boundary will be kept.  Missing values are ignored.  

For example if the user only enters a maximum value then no minimum will be imposed.

In the always keep or always reject edit boxes are comma separated list of reflection Id's to always keep or reject.

To make the filter active the user needs to select the Filter option from the data menu.

The filters are applied in the following order > General Filters > Always Keep > Always Reject.