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Creating a New Project

Project are created in BEAM-ish through a project creation wizard.  This wizard will ask for some information and then generate a new project.  New projects are started by selecting New from the project menu.

Step 1 - Some directions and a reminder

Beamish reminds the user how to enter a project name and that it can include an optional path.

Select "Continue" to proceed to the next step.

Step 2 - Entering the project path and name

Here the user has enter: "actin5/actin5"

The tells BEAM-ish that a new directory "actin5" should be created within the directory "/usr/people/disk2/jjl/work" and that a project "actin5.prj" will be placed in that new directory.

If the user had entered "/actin5/actin5", BEAM-ish would have attempted to create a directory in the "/" root named "actin5".

Step 3 - Prompt to select image

After the project location and name have been selected BEAM-ish will ask the user to select an image from the fine phi data set.

Step 4 - Selecting the image

A dialog box is displayed that allows the user to select an image from the fine phi data set.  It does not have to be any particular image within the fine phi set.  Here the user has selected image actin5_2_104.img.

Step 5 - Selecting the image

BEAM-ish displays a confirmation that gives the user on more chance to make sure these settings are correct to generate a new project from.  Notice that BEAM-ish displays the full path and file names that will be created/used.

Step 6 - Selecting whether to use a Template or Not

BEAM-ish allows key project data that may be similar across a run to be copied from on project to another.  In this case it will use an existing project as a template to fill in information into the new project.  To use a template select use template.  If no template is desired then step 10 would be the next step.

Step 7 - Selecting the Template project

If a template project is going to be used then BEAM-ish displays a selection dialog box that allows the user to pick an existing project for use as a template for this new project.  Here the user has selected another project name "actin5.prj" to base the new "actin5.prj" from.

Step 8 - Confirmation of Template

BEAM-ish notifies the user of the template file they have selected.

Step 9 - Notification of Updated information

This message may appear because some of the default project values were designed with 2x2 binned image mode on the detector and when this is not the case BEAM-ish will update the project file to match information in the image header.

Step 10 - New project done and opened successfully

If all goes well the new project will finish opening by loading in image 000 of the fine set.  If there is no image 000 BEAM-ish will prompt the user to select an image to display.