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Common Tasks

Creating a New Project

First step in starting a project.

Opening an Existing Project

An existing project can be opened from the recent project list on the project menu or by selecting the open command from the project menu.

Changing the Detector Image

Images are changed from the main window by the slider bar below the detector image or by typing in the name of a new image at the edit box below the slider bar as shown

Processing Data

Processing data is carried out in three steps a fourth optional step is fitting on Gaussians to profiles.

Selecting a Profile

The user selects a profile in order for it to be used in the reflection.

Filtering Reflections

Allows the user to filter the reflections so that only the proper reflections are shown.

Fitting Gaussians to Profiles

Users can fit one or more Gaussian curves to a profile by either using only a few number of reflections or by using many reflections automatically.

Marking Symmetry Related Reflections

This function finds all the symmetry related reflections.

Setting Up Inter-BEAM-ish Process Communications

Explains how different instances of BEAM-ish can share information.

Animating Reflection Profiles

Explains how to animate reflection profiles.