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.cntr File

What is it for?

The .cntr file is used by PEAKSTATS to provide information that is necessary to process the profiles created by HALFSLICE.

Who generates it?




How is it formatted?

Lines of text that contain valid variable value pairs for PEAKSTATS

An example .cntr file is shown below:

Variable Value Description
profile profile.dat The file that contains all of the profiles calculated by HALFSLICE.
prediction actin5.pred The file that contains the list of reflections that was generated by HALFSLICE.
output actin5.dat2 The file that PEAKSTATS will output the new profiles to.
fwhm actin5.fwhm The file the PEAKSTATS will output the reflection statistics to.
beam_center_x_mm 99.0 The beam center x in DENZO coordinates.
beam_center_y_mm 91.8 The beam center y in DENZO coordinates.
sigma_x 48.0 The beam divergence in the x direction
sigma_y 19.5 The beam divergence in the y direction
sigma_z 4.6e-4 The spectral divergence
lambda_A 1.0 The wavelength in angstroms
mm_pixel_x 0.0816 The x pixel resolution
mm_pixel_y 0.0816 The y pixel resolution
crystal_to_detector 170.0 The crystal to detector distance
mm_pixel_x 2304 The pixels in the x direction
mm_pixel_y 2304 The pixels in the y direction