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Averaging Filter

Beamish uses a centered window averaging filter.  The center value can be included or not.  The size of the window must be odd and be at least 3 units long.   The filter simply sums the values from location X-Width/2 to location X+Width/2 and divides by the width of the filter.  If the center value is ignored then the filter will sum all values except X and will divide by width-1.

An new array is generated and filled with the new values.  All calculations are carried out on the original data stream.  When the window would extend past the available data, values outside of the range are not counted and the division is limit to the number of terms in the sum.

The averaging filter can be applied to the peak profiles when they are processed by PEAKSTATS.  The settings for the averaging filter can be adjusted in the project settings dialog box.